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AgilityToday is a 2 days Unconference, started in 2018, hosted in the National Capital Region of India. This unconference is heart of a year long learning program, facilitated by AgileVirgin. We are proud to announce that this year Agile Alliance and it's members are our partner on this mission. Officially known as "Building Future Leaders and Change Agents", it is now an initiative of Agile Alliance that will help us build leaders and change agents in India, shape the culture of the country, help its industries achieve a true Agile Mindset, and offer opportunity to change agents and leaders of world use their knowledge and skills to help this initiative and create a multi culture learning and growth platform for all.

Advisory Board

Gail Ferreira
Deepti Jain

Founder, AgileVirgin

Tathagat Verma
Tathagat Verma

Head, Strategy & Operations, Walmart Labs India

Jutta Eckstein
Jutta Eckstein

Lean Agile Coach and Management Guru, Author ‘Agile BOSSA Nova’


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