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AgilityToday is a 2 days Unconference, started in 2018, hosted in the National Capital Region of India. This unconference is heart of a year long learning program, facilitated by AgileVirgin. We are proud to announce that this year Agile Alliance and it's members are our partner on this mission. Officially known as "Building Future Leaders and Change Agents", it is now an initiative of Agile Alliance that will help us build leaders and change agents in India, shape the culture of the country, help its industries achieve a true Agile Mindset, and offer opportunity to change agents and leaders of world use their knowledge and skills to help this initiative and create a multi culture learning and growth platform for all.

Advisory Board

Gail Ferreira
Deepti Jain

Founder, AgileVirgin

Tathagat Verma
Tathagat Verma

Head, Strategy & Operations, Walmart Labs India

Jutta Eckstein
Jutta Eckstein

Lean Agile Coach and Management Guru, Author ‘Agile BOSSA Nova’



Day-1 (29 Feb 2020, Saturday)     
Timebox Day-2 (1 Mar 2020, Sunday)
Registration & Breakfast 07:30 - 09:00
(90 Mins)
Registration & Breakfast
Welcome Note by Deepti Jain 09:00 - 09:15
(15 Mins)
Welcome Note by Deepti Jain
Unwinding via Mindfulness with Kathy Berkidge 09:15 - 09:35
(20 Mins)
Unwinding via Music with Sajit Nair
Dynamic Program and New Leaders Announcement 09:35 - 09:50
(15 Mins)
AgileVirgin Initiatives Reports and Announcements
Day Break 09:50 - 10:05
(15 Mins)
Day Break
Static & Dynamic Program
(Talks, Sessions, Workshops & Reports): 10:05 - 12:05 (120 Mins)
Right to Lef

Mike Burrows
Human System Dynamics: Tame Your Wicked Issue

Glenda Eoyang
High Transparency and Collaboration - Building workplaces based on Agile and Democratic values

Victor Hugo Germano
10:05 - 10:45
(40 Mins)
Dealing with Disruptive Innovation

Anand Murthy Raj
Transforming into a Platform Business

Tathagat Verma
5-Minute Motivation

Marian Way
Rise Of Data & Learning

Priyanka Rawat & Sreerupa Dutta Audito
Changing your organisation one code review at a time

Pawel Kaminski
Agile without labels: Beyond Scrum and Kanban

Ankur Saini
10:45 - 11:25
(40 Mins)
Alice in DevOps Land

Kavita Sawant & Preeti Desai
Psychological Safety - Key to success (A Lego way)

Prabhat Kumar Verma & Sumiti Khanna
Defining your Vision - Product Roadmap Cube for your Archtypes

Charu Gulhar & Jisha Sharma
Using Hate to Achieve Your Goals and Influence People

Bevan Williams
Are you "Fit for Purpose" for your people?

Sudipta Lahiri
Integrate Quick & Easy Visualizations into Your Work: Bikablo Thought Sketching Enhances Communication & Increases Collaboration

Jill Greenbaum
11:25 - 12:05
(40 Mins)
#MindfulAgile - Applying Mindfulness in Agile Teams

Kathy Berkidge
Agile Architecture and Design

Pradyumn Sharma
An Exciting journey from Raw Idea to High fidelity concepts – Let's Discover, Design and Explore !!

Ashish Kumar
Feast & Fest at AgilityToday: 12:05 - 14:20 (135 Mins)
LUNCH 12:05 - 12:50
(45 Mins)
Hacking Agility with Games, with Ellen Grove Achieving Business Agility with Ray Arell Agile Engineering Lab: "Blockchain: Ethereum Internals and DAPPS Hands-On"

Navdeep Kaur
Manali Khanna
Himanshu Pandey
12:50 - 14:20
(90 Mins)
Hacking Agility with Games, with Ellen Grove Achieving Personal Agility with Ray Arell Agile Engineering Lab: "Machine learning =! Software engineering
The ML full lifecycle"

Varun Jain
Participants Live Visual Canvas with Jill Greenbaum Agile Alliance Lounge Participants Live Visual Canvas with Isha Dhiman Agile Alliance Lounge
Sponsors Mall Post Unconf Artifacts Registration Booth Sponsors Mall Post Unconf Artifacts Registration Booth
Intentional Networking Consulting Corner Intentional Networking Consulting Corner
Static & Dynamic Program resumes
(Talks, Sessions, Workshops & Reports): 14:20 - 15:50 (90 Mins)
From 'Traditional' to 'Agile' - Changes in a Project Manager's Persona

Rahul Koul & Jasmeet Singh
Techniques to foster innovation and new technologies in the enterprise

Giorgio Natili
Agile Engineering Lab: "Blockchain: Ethereum Internals and DAPPS Hands-On"

Navdeep Kaur
Manali Khanna
Himanshu Pandey
14:20 - 14:50
(30 Mins)
Patterns and practices for Evolvability - The key aspect for Technical Agility

Leena S N
Small Changes Big Impacts

Rucha Ramchandra Kapare

Anjuman Chawla

Anurag Shrivastava
The Art of building a powerful self organising team

Arshiya Sultana
14:50 - 15:20
(30 Mins)
Let's get rid of the Drama Triangle

Lopamudra Misra

Swati Chandra
6 Power-boosters of Advertising that can be applied in Agile Transformation

Kawal Arora
An Agile Coach's Toolbox

Ritika Singh
Agile Isn’t Necessary in Simple Situations

Naveen Kumar Singh

Charu Arora
15:20 - 15:50
(30 Mins)
Is it possible to build start-up culture in large legacy organizations?

Padma Satyamurthy
Stop #FakeSpeed, Start #EffectiveSpeed - The Compulsion for Movement

Aruna Chandrasekharan

Rohan Bhokardankar
Coffee Break 15:50 - 16:05
(15 Mins)
Coffee Break
OPEN HOUSE: Business Agility - Another buzz word or reality?

Facilitator: Ray Arell, Corporate Outreach and Agile Business Development at Agile Alliance
Panelists: ATULYA MAHAJAN, Sr. Development Manager, Kronos
KIRAN CHHABRA, SVP Engineering, Infoedge
CHIRAG NANDA, Director, Publicis Sapient
VIKRAM KANSAL, Director Technologies, Expedia
16:05 - 17:05
(60 Mins)
OPEN HOUSE: Organization transformation enabling product strategy

Facilitator: Vikas Uppal, WeCollb - Founder, Applied Frameworks - Strategic Partner
Panelists: BADRI NARAYANAN PARTHASARATHY, V.P. TATA Communications Ltd. (fka VSNL)
DR KRISHNA PRASAD, Director APTIV (fka Delphi Automotive Systems
KRISHNA POTNIS, Senior Director of Engineering, VeriFone Technology
ROHIT DHODY, Sr. Regional Director HR, Syniverse
LOKESH KUMAR - Executive Director, Capco
Closing Note by Deepti Jain 17:05 - 17:20
(15 Mins)
Closing Note by Deepti Jain
Group Leaves for Dinner & Networking 18:00 Group Leaves for Dinner & Networking

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